Commands for Raspbian


apt-get install dhcp-client


apt-get install punp

pump -i eth0 // to assign new IP

Update and Upgrade

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Raspbian Configurationsmenu

sudo raspi-config

Install SAMBA

sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf // uncomment #security=user

sudo smbpasswd -a pi // set Samba Password

sudo chown -R pi:pi /media/usb1 // change owner pi for Files recursive

Follow this Blog or this

Install WLAN

DLINK Installation

dmesg // show Interfaces

ifconfig // show IP.s

Webserver and FTP

Install Apche2 wsftpd etc

Update Raspbian
sudo rpi-update Shutdown Halt immediately
sudo shutdown -h 0 Shutdown and Restart immediately
sudo shutdown -r 0 Raspi Camera
Video Broadcasting
this is also described in

First I will try this

How to install or upgrade UV4L on Raspbian (for the Raspberry Pi)

ffmpeg Documentation


ffmpeg und ffserver installation

Überwachungskamera mit NoIR

Usable Commands

lsusb -v | grep -E '\<(Bus|iProduct|bDeviceClass|bDeviceProtocol)' 2>/dev/null

Shows all connected USB DevicesMore...

Raspberry Pi Bauanleitungen

Einfache Schaltungen

Temperatursensor - 1 Wire Bus oder auch hier


IR Receiver and Transmitter for RemoteControl





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